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WireGuard Is More Secure Than Other Protocols
There is a lot of misinformation surrounding WireGuard, so we are continuing to dispel those myths as best we can. In this entry, we are looking at the idea that WireGuard actually supports many different encryption and authentication methods. When in reality, it is a lot more limited than that.
Three New Australian Server Locations Now Available!
We have a sizable Australian user base, and we want to help cater to those that need a solid, fast, and secure VPN. Or even for those expats looking for a way to access Australian services from abroad. So, to help those users that need access to Australian servers.
Is It Legal to Use a VPN for Netflix?
In more recent times VPNs have given users the ability to gain access to content that was previously inaccessible due to licensing deals across the world. This has allowed people to experience things they would never have been able to before. This rise in the use of VPNs for services such as Netflix.
Introducing VPN – Improving Speed
As always, we have been hard at work bringing new features and added value to our loyal users. And today we are proud to announce the introduction of VPN. A secure TCP tunnelling and multiplexing solution. What does this mean exactly? Read on to find out more.
A Flexible and Easy-To-Use Double VPN Solution
Today we are happy to reveal our flexible and easy-to-use Double VPN solution – VPN Multihop. With censorship continually on the rise, we have found our network becoming partially or even completely blocked in some countries. Online surveillance, similarly, is also rising throughout the world.
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